I consider it a good day when I’m able to complete the Neverending Spritewood event, especially after trying it on the PTR several times so I knew what to expect. When the patch went live the crystal became a lot more elusive with people constantly camping the area. As a result, I was only able to do it once or twice before last Tuesday.

Dandelion Frolicker

After the latest maintenance, I was able to confirm a much shorter respawn rate on the crystal (~15mins or so) but there appears to be a lockout for clicking it more than once a day. In addition to this, a higher number of Scary Sprites can spawn during the one minute encounter so a chance at the pet is even higher.

Last night I managed to click the crystal after farming some of the spectral monk companions and having all of the Timeless Isle buffs (minus the artifact). Then about halfway through the encounter, a couple of flagged players tried to make the event more difficult by standing right on top of the sprites but I didn’t flag. Around the same time, a pali started shooting a few heals my way making the encounter a little easier towards the end.

Today I was able to spawn eight Scary Sprites which was quite exciting compared to the two I managed to get last night. I also had Cool who gave me his Hand of Protection, a few heals and with two monk companions, I lucked out with the drop.

Dandelion Frolicker

Just to confirm, the item may be looted by anyone in the group so you can help out another player by healing them if you don’t have a high DPS class. Note that you cannot directly aid anyone DPSing the sprites i.e the person clicking the crystal and the encounter only lasts a minute.

To see what the event is like, check out the video.

Woot! Here’s to the Dandelion Frolicker.