The Blessing of Beasts is one of six relic hunter questlines offered by Harrison Jones, who can appear in your garrison Town Hall each day. Completing the Master Relic Hunter achievement rewards Harrison Jones as a follower.

It starts with the quest – Treasure Contract: The Thunderlord Sage. If you want to save time, buy/farm one piece of Raw Clefthoof Meat before you start – see map below.

The Thunderlord Sage

gronnsbane the thunderlord sage

Locate Argoram’s corpse in the centre of the large lava pool (70.1, 26.8), just as you enter Magnarok.

The Broken Spear

gronnsbane the broken spear

Locate all three parts of the broken spear within Magnarok.

The Blessing of Fire

groonsbane blessing of fire

Travel to Stonefury Cliffs and head towards the lava lake (overlooking Tor’goroth’s Tooth) to receive the first blessing at the Molten Shamanstone (42.6, 12.6).

The Blessing of Frost

gronnsbane-blessing of frost

Locate the Frozen Shamanstone at the top of the tallest tower (49.1, 21.4) to receive the second blessing. This is the building just west of the Bloodmaul Slag Mines flight path.

The Blessing of Beasts

Clefthoof meat location

Kill the nearby clefthoof along the upper ridge of Daggermaw Ravine (~31, 23) for some fresh meat.

gronnsbane altar

Lure the rylak by placing the Raw Clefthoof Meat on the altar (45.6, 28.2). Kill the ancient rylak and empower the weapon by clicking the corpse.

Hearth back to the garrison. Turn the quest in to Rokhan located outside your Town Hall.

Rewards: 150G.