The Spirit Forge is one of six relic hunter questlines offered by Harrison Jones, who can appear in your garrison Town Hall each day. Completing the Master Relic Hunter achievement rewards Harrison Jones as a follower.

It starts with the quest – Treasure Contract: Gutrek’s Cleaver

Gutrek’s Cleaver

gutreks cleaver the spirit forge The Spirit Forge

Fly to Nagrand and kill the ogres of Broken Precipice until you retrieve five journal pages.

The First Piece

gutreks cleaver the first piece gutreks pommel The Spirit Forge

Gutrek’s pommel is sitting in the eye socket of a large skull lying at the bottom of the nearby bone pit.

The Second Piece

gutreks cleaver the second piece gutreks hilt The Spirit Forge

Head towards the serpents in the Marshlands and find the hilt under a spiral stone.

The Final Piece

gutreks cleaver the final piece The Spirit Forge

You’ll find the blade sitting on the top of a column located around the Ring of Blood.

The Spirit Forge

gutreks cleaver the spirit forge 1 The Spirit Forge

The Spirit Forge is located in a cave within Earthshaker Gorge. First, click on the furnace, then anvil and trough to reforge the cleaver. Fight Gutrek and retrieve the weapon. Hearth back to the Garrison.

Prefer a video guide?

Hand the quest into Rokhan for your 150G reward.