In Patch 6.2, there are six rare missions to complete for exploring the high seas:

So far, I’ve seen four of these missions but sadly, only three were successful. Can you guess which mission failed?

Orphaned Aquatic Animal Rescue appeared on my mission table within the first two days so I was eager to do it but without all the blueprints, I didn’t want to risk it. By the time I started the mission, I still didn’t have a Whale Shark kill under my belt but crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. Yeah… and I haven’t seen the mission again on that toon.


Plus, with all the trouble I had with the Cinder Pup mission, I was starting to wonder if there was some form of criteria needed for this other mission to pop. With only two missions off from being a Naval Bonus Expert, it’s the only thing holding me back from completing the Master of the Seas. Hopefully, I’ll have both achievements within the next few days so I’ll have to see if that makes a difference to the riverbeast mission.

It would be nice to know where the mission pops up so I knew where to focus those area buffs. Let me know if you’ve seen the mission pop up below.


Edit: Thanks to , I know exactly where to focus my ships from now on.