Cymre Brightblade has been spotted at the Apex Canopy in Dragonflight. Talk about exciting news! I admit I didn’t see the tweet until the following day. Thx to @clingua3 and @TaliesinEvitel who both tagged me on @haughtychicken‘s initial tweet. What a cool thing to wake up to.

After checking Wowhead, I noticed she has a few companions attached to her. Wingcrest who looks just like Poro, Lil’ Poshy matches Rikki the Recruit-a-friend pet reward, and two new models – Slaps and Sticky. When I checked earlier, three of the pets were hanging out on the wagon. They aren’t as animated as the ones at Overlook Ruins but this may change before it goes live. It seems Lil’ Poshy is MIA but I did notice a fruit-flinging monkey hanging down from a nearby branch.

CymresCmpanions Cymre Brightblade in Dragonflight

Either way, I look forward to learning more about what she’s doing in Dragonflight. In the meantime, a huge thanks to the developer who added my NPC to the game (again). I can’t wait to see her for myself. Here’s hoping I get a beta invite soon.

Cyme Brightblade in Dragonflight

It turns out Cymre and Belloc Brightblade are tied to one of the Dragonscale Expedition World Quests in Dragonflight. You can watch my reaction video on competing the world quest for the first time.

Brightblade’s Bones

  • Climbing Gear acquired
  • Find a handhold on the cliff
  • Excavate Dragon Bones in the cliff face (6)
  • Rescue Cymre’s pet marmoset (optional)
  • Rupert’s Helping Hand slain

Fun Fact: If you rescue my monkey, you’ll get a buff making you immune to the hazard during the world quest. This also counts towards the Toe Tension achievement.

A Small Favor for Cymre Brightblade

bugbiter tortoiseThe Bugbiter Tortoise is a new secret pet tied to Cymre Brightblade so you’ll only be able to collect this turtle while the world quest  Brightblade’s Bones is active. On the beta, the quest only appeared every four or five weeks so hopefully, it won’t take another month before we see her again. I suspected the Eroded Fossil I’d found on the beta had something to do with the turtle I’d read about from Cym. It turns out the Petrified Dragon Egg was in the first cave I checked on live. I just wasn’t expecting to have so much trouble locating the skull this time. Thankfully, I spotted it less than an hour before she despawned. Just note the skull was not interactable while I was still on the dragonriding mount so if you notice something that resembles a skull, try dismounting before you hover over it again.

How friggin cool to see my two favourite things combined.