You may remember a while ago I had a looting incident with the Torn Zandalari Journal which was in the process of getting sorted out. Funnily enough, I had looted the journal on another toon and was thinking about completing the achievement on my hunter (who was one journal away from completion as well) when I decided to see if I could get another Torn Journal to drop for my priest. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed a higher drop rate in these journals just from doing my dailies on various alts so I figured I may as well try and farm that last one on my priest again.

To add some incentive, I consumed a potion of luck and headed back to the place I had seen it before – the Beast Pens. OMG, it must have worked because a couple of minutes later another Torn Zandalari Journal dropped netting me the Zandalari Library Card achievement. Well, so much for farming for 20mins. I continued farming to make use of the last 15minutes of the potion but only saw one treasure box and get this – another Torn Zandalari Journal! What the?!?

So with one achievement left for Stormbreaker, I knew I’d need some luck getting that last bit done for the Hall of the Thunder King. Ironically, I’ve been running the treasure trove scenario for extra gold, rep and practice since I’ve been missing that last goal for a while now. However, I wasn’t expecting to get it on my mage when she had none of the others completed. Ah, if only that achievement was shared (like the journal one) I would be Cymre the Stormbreaker already.

Today I went in with my usual supplies including a few keys in case this week’s RNG was bad and decided to do a run to the end. But when I saw there were six golden chests in the first room, it was looking like a real possibility. Sadly, there were none in the connecting tunnel which was a little disheartening but there was one on the right as you walk into the second room (on occasion there are two right next to each other). I immediately scanned the other side where you can normally see three or four. Today there were three – two in the motion sensor zones and one in between. By grabbing one in the sensor zone and the one in between, I ended up with three mobs on me. It was a little dicey getting that last chest since my fear was on CD so I left the closer sensor chest to go for one a little further ahead. By that stage, my fear was just coming up again so I could loot that last chest. PHEW!


After the achievement spam, I noticed I had 55secs left on the clock so I just went around looting more chests to fill in the time. Boy, it sure feels great to have another meta-achievement out of the way.