The Gnomeregan pet battle dungeon is coming in Patch 8.1. To get started, make sure you have earnt the achievement All Growns Up! which requires you to physically raise a pet to level 25. Levelling stones and pet battling works but not purchasing or trading max level pets.

A new quest can be picked up from Radek Fuselock, who is located near the pet battle trainers in Dazar’alor, or Tizzy Gearjolt who is just outside of Dana Pull’s shop in Hook Point, Boralus. Thankfully, you won’t need to complete the earlier pet battle dungeons so feel free to complete them in any order.

Micro Zoox - Gnomeregan Pet Battle Dungeon

Make your way to Gnomeregan and locate Micro Zoox, located just outside the Gnomeregan dungeon portal. Horde players can use the transporter just under the zeppelin tower at Grom’gol Base Camp, in Northern Stranglethorn.

Prototype Annoy-o-Tron - Gnomeregan Pet Battle Dungeon

Stage 1: Automated Defenses

Prototype Annoy-O-Tron (Mechanical) Elite

Stage 2: Out of Control Elementals

Living Sludge (Elemental)

Living Napalm (Elemental)

Living Permafrost (Elemental)

Door Console - Gnomeregan Pet Battle Dungeon

Stage 3: Pull the Correct Levers

Control Console defeated

Stage 4: Bypass the Mine Field

Use the Shredder to make your way to the end of the hallway. If the shredder gets destroyed, you can still make your way to the bottom but will still take damage from the bombs. You shouldn’t die though.

Stage 5: Resilient Critters

Cockroach (Critter)
Leper Rat (Undead)

Leper Rat - Gnomeregan Pet Battle Dungeon

Stage 6: You Dirty Rat

Bloated Leper Rat (Undead) Elite – My favourite battle in the entire scenario

Stage 7: Gnomeregan Defense Force, Activate!

Gnomeregan Guard Mechanostrider (Mechanical)
Gnomeregan Guard Tiger (Mechanical)
Gnomeregan Guard Wolf (Mechanical)

Stage 8: Shadowy Figure

Confront the Shadowy Figure – make sure you’re standing fairly close to activate the dialogue.

Pulverizer Bot Mk 6001 - Gnomeregan Pet Battle Dungeon

Stage 9: Thermaplugg’s Latest Invention

Pulverizer Bot Mk 6001 (Mechanical)

The first time you complete the scenario, you’ll receive an Ultimate Battle-Training Stone and access to Manapoof’s free teleport from your capital city.

Before you can try the Challenge Mode version, you will need at least 15 max-level pets to open up the account-wide weekly quest from Micro Zoox. A different team was used for all challengers with less than a handful of pets used in more than one team – 32 pets used in total.


This is the complete list of pets used in my run-through on challenge mode. As always, the Rematch strings are available to Patreon supporters.

Rotten Little Helper (P/P)
Coastal Sandpiper (P/S)
Jademist Dancer (B/B)
Electrified Razortooth (B/B)
Spawn of G’nathus (P/B)
Core Hound Pup (H/P) – 2 teams
Hydraling (P/B)
Clockwork Gnome (S/B)
Thundertail Flapper (H/B) – 2 teams
Bleakwater Jelly (P/S)
Chuck (B/B)
Plump Jelly (H/B)
Muckbreath (B/B)
Ravager Hatchling (P/P)
Death Adder Hatchling (P/S) – 2 teams
Darkmoon Rabbit (H/S)
Grumpling (P/B)
Tolai Hare (S/S)
Pygmy Marsuul (S/S)
Black Lamb (P/B)
Magma Rageling (P/P)
Cavern Moccasin (H/S)
Stormstruck Beaver (B/B)
Cinder Pup (P/P)
Blazing Cindercrawler (P/P)
Cogblade Raptor (B/B)
Fel Flame (H/S)
Dreadmaw (B/B)
Parasitic Boarfly (H/P)

Pulverizer Bot MK 6001

Mr. Bigglesworth (S/S)
Phoenix Hatchling (S/S)
Father Winter’s Helper (B/B)

Backup team: see video

Pet Rewards

Spider Tank - Gnomeregan Pet Battle Dungeon rewardCompleting the Gnomergan Pet Battle Dungeon challenge awards an achievement and Mini Spider Tank battle pet. On subsequent weeks, you’ll be able to earn a Pristine Gizmo – the new currency to purchase the new pets from Micro Zoox.

It will take 7 weeks to purchase all the pets (or 6 for non-engineers).