Collecting these little guys is one of my favourite things to do in-game. Well, except for certain parts of Baa’l… you know the ones I’m talking about. This is a compilation of all the mysterious or secret battle pets available to collect in World of Warcraft. Thanks to the Warcraft Secrets community for solving many of these.

Terky white secret murloc pet


Terky is a murloc battle pet located in a secret cave in Borean Tundra. He hatches from the White Murloc Egg. This model was originally only available to Taiwanese players. For more info, check out the guide.

Taptaf the pig


One of my favourite things on the beta is exploring new zones so I was excited to stumble across the location of Taptaf in Drustvar. Soon after I posted my video, I received a congratulatory msg and note about how the pet and related NPC came about. For a guide and location, check out my video.

Wicker Pup with female Blood Elf

Wicker Pup

The Wicker Pup requires the collection of four different parts looted from a number of treasures in Drustvar before you can rebuild him (see video).

  • Bespelled Chest contains the Spooky Incantation
  • Enchanted Chest contains the Wolf Pup Spine
  • Hexed Chest contains the Bundle of Wicker Sticks
  • Ensorcelled Chest contains the Miniature Stag Skull

uuna with upgraded model


Uuna is a non-combat pet looted from the rare The Many-Faced Devourer. There are a number of bones you need to collect before you can summon the rare which can be looted once per day.

  • Call of the Devourer drops from mobs around the Scavenger’s Boneyard (55, 39)
  • Ur’zul Bone – next to the Altar (50, 56)
  • Imp Bone – inside the imp cave (entrance at 65, 26)
  • Fiend Bone – next to the black pillar (left side of trap at 52, 35)

After collecting these items go to 54, 39 and click on the Bone Effigy in the Scavenger’s Boneyard to summon The Many-Faced Devourer.

Baa'l pet


In order to collect Baa’l, you first need to upgrade Uuna’s model by locating her doll, wand and flower crown. For the complete guide, check out my Saving Uuna post.

squirky yellow murloc pet


During a special time of year, a secretive clan of murlocs often sends young tadpoles out to explore, adventure, and begin their tale.

Squirky is located on a small island in the Great Sea, off the coast of Azsuna. (see video)

Sun Darter Hatchling

Sun Darter Hatchling

The Sun Darter Hatchling requires you to solve a number of riddles enabling you to pass through various barriers inside the Cave of Consumption. Twelve items are needed – most can be bought from the AH or made by players (see video guide).

Bumbles bee pet


Bumbles the Bee is rewarded from an Alliance-only achievement – Let’s Bee Friends which includes you feeding Bumbles in Stormsong Valley the Mildenhall Growth Formula for seven days (see video guide).

jenafur cat sitiing in front of fireplace


Amara’s lost cat Jenafur was the longest-running secret until it was solved almost a year later. It involves a trip to Karazhan, some music and enticing her with some food. Thanks to the Warcraft Secrets community and Paul on Reddit who solved the final piece of the puzzle.

Glimr purple murloc pet


Glimr is a purple secret murloc pet located in Grizzly Hills on the south-eastern part of Northrend. The short questline starts by looting a scale (18, 88) in the Venture Bay area of Grizzly Hills. Helping out the Glimmerfin tribe rewards you with Glimr (see video guide).

Have you collected all of these? Which is your favourite?