With every new expansion, it’s always fun to see how many new models they’ll introduce to such a longstanding game. At launch, you’ll need 6,150 Polished Pet Charms to purchase all six Dragonflight battle pets from Patchu, an adorable little Tuskarr vendor and Master Pet Trainer in The Azure Span. Murkastrasza comes with the Heroic Edition of Dragonflight.Murkastrasza

I love seeing so many companions coming from treasures and quest rewards, especially the pet-themed storyline that starts at the daycare centre in Valdrakken. Since Battle for Azeroth, I’ve noticed many new viewers with little to no pet battle experience so this is a great opportunity to streamline the process of getting your first couple of pets to level 25.

There’s also a nice quality-of-life change in the Dragonflight pre-patch.

  • Upgrade stones can now be applied to pets directly through the Pet Journal (before you had to use the stone on a summoned pet). Woot!

Primal Stormling – This pet is available during the second part of the pre-launch event. Pick up the quest – A Primal Threat from Khadgar at The Dranosh’ar Blockade (Horde) or Stormwind Harbor (Alliance) after you’ve completed the first few quests.

Raindrops whip around this creature with frightening speed, ripping and tearing anything that touches it. Experts say the best way to avoid injury is to give it a treat and some snuggles.ichabod Dragonflight Battle Pets

Ichabod – Support your favourite eligible WoW streamers by gifting them 2 Twitch subscriptions between November 28th and December 12th to receive the new Ichabod Harvest Golem pet in Dragonflight. I only started streaming in November and didn’t reach Affiliate status until Dec 2nd.

Ichabod began his existence as a prototype for the fearsome harvest golems terrorizing the farmers of Westfall, but a little gnomish ingenuity has since made him far less likely to attack your knees.

Secret Pet

Bugbiter Tortoise – This pet is tied to Cymre Brightblade‘s world quest Brightblade’s Bones so you may have to wait a while to see her in-game. Hopefully, it won’t take a month or more to see her each time.

This turtle eats bugs, as you’d expect from its name, but you wouldn’t believe how large the bugs are

Snowclaw Cub – To collect the cub, you need to locate the Primal Bear Cub (67, 18) in the Azure Span. It’s located between Theron’s Watch and Rhonin’s Shield flight points in the northeastern part of the zone. You will need to complete a few steps beforehand otherwise the little cub will keep running away.

An adult Snowclaw can rattle the very trees with its roar. A cub can rattle one of the smaller branches.

If either pet is missing from the journal, you can use /summonpet Bugbiter Tortoise or Snowclaw Cub to summon manually.

Phoenix Wishwing – requires Cataclysm Timewalking for one of the items.Phoenix Wishwing

Some think this creature is smoldering because it is on fire. In truth, it’s because of its burning gaze.

As always, special thanks to the Secret Finders Discord for working these out. These pets are cageable.


A shard of a fragment of a piece of a sliver of a piece of crystal, but walking around like it owns the place. Good thing it likes you.

It looks like a duck and it smells like a duck and it quacks like a duck… what’s a duck?

Some very clever wizard or dragon or other magical being thought they were being clever when they decided to colour an ice elemental purple for a very elaborate bit of wordplay. They were probably right.

This little racing enthusiast has never missed a race and has never met a racer she didn’t like.

  1. Waking Shores: Silver
  2. Ohn’ahran Plains: Silver
  3. Azure Span: Silver
  4. Thaldraszus: Silver

lady feathersworthTo complete this achievement, you need to complete every race with a minimum of silver. The advanced version requires you to complete the same races making sure you use every speed boost along the way.

Though she may be fashionably late, Lady Feathersworth will always show up for a party.

Defeat the eight elite pets and trainers of the Dragon Isles with a team of all level 25 [family] pets. As always, quick links to my YouTube strategies are linked below.

Not sure if anyone really loves these family-type metas but it wouldn’t be an expansion without one. Thankfully, this one is easier than past expansions.

mister toots

Court Is Now In Session
You shall be granted the title “Knight of Feathersworth” once you’ve collected Mister Toots, Lady Feathersworth, Lord Basilton & Mister Muskoxeles.

Dragon Isles Safari
In the Dragon Isles, catch 24 of the battle pets listed under Wild Pets


Azure Frillfish – drops from the Bubble Drifter in The Waking Shores
Oddly enough, you met this fish drifting through the air.

The Azure Frillfish comes from the Bubble Drifter treasure in The Waking Shores. You need an item that comes from either the Expedition Scout’s Packs (renown 2) or the Disturbed Dirt piles after you reach renown 5 with the Dragonscale Expedition.

Blackfeather Nester – drops from the Pepper Hammer treasure in The Azure Span
There is no fury quite like that of a mother Blackfeather defending her nest.

Chestnut – drops from the Acorn Harvester in Thaldraszus
Chestnut once found an acorn larger than he was, ate the whole thing, and doubled in size. It’s a good thing he didn’t eat a Trunkalumpf.

Cubbly drops from the Strange Bear Cub (see linked video)
Cubbly’s extended proximity to time magic has given him powers far beyond the average bear.

Possessive Hornswog

Roseate Hopper – the pet is locked inside a treasure (Hidden Hornswog Hostage) guarded by the Possessive Hornswog in The Waking Shores. To solve the riddle, read the Observant Riddles: A Field Guide located near the Possessive Hornswog. Collect three items to make a delectable treat the guard frog (see what I did there?) will find hard to resist.

Tip: If you don’t have dragonriding, bring a Goblin Glider Kit (unless you’re an engineer or have a racial ability like glide)

Observant Riddles: A Field Guide

Treasures held by one who croaks? Fear not, for I have an infallible hoax.

One part bar of ivory slick to halt a most unwelcome kick. Seek out bubbles quite bizarre so that our simple trick might go far.

One part prize of crescent gold, a wondrous flavour to behold. Find this bounty flung far and wide, only precious to those with fur pure white.

And last but not least a pleasurable crunch to give that ‘swog a delightful lunch. Abscond with a material so brittle and white it often gives everyone a fright.

Most brightly coloured frogs are usually incredibly poisonous. The Roseate Hoppers are different because they are only credibly poisonous.

Viridescent Duck – drops from the Slightly Chewed Duck Egg in the Ohn’ahran Plains
These beautiful, elusive birds have very erratic migratory patterns, which can be difficult to track, leading some explorers to erroneously believe ducks simply didn’t exist.


Alvin the Anvil – Blacksmithing (50)
When Alvin said he wanted to be the best anvil ever, everyone doubted him. If anvils could laugh, he’d be the one laughing now.

The schematic drops from the rare elite Rohzor Forgesmash <Djaradin Smithmaster> who can spawn in several spots around Obsidian Keep.

The materials needed are:

  • Earthen Soul
  • 6x Primal Molten Alloy
  • 6x Frostfire Alloy
  • 6x Infurious Alloy

Titan-Touched Elemental – Enchanting (25) Requires specialization: Insight of the Blue (10) and sub-specialization: Primal Extraction (20)
You imagine it lives in a tidy little room with no furniture.

The materials needed are:


Quack-E – requires Dragon Isles Engineering (50) and Renown 21 with the Dragonscale Expedition. The schematic can be purchased from Boss Magor for 200G.
Beep. Beep. Beep. Quack.

Zapthrottle Soul Inhaler – requires specialization in Optimized Efficiency – Scrapper (20). This item is Bind on Use and has a 15-minute CD.

To capture the following pets, you need to use the Zapthrottle Soul Inhaler on four types of elite elementals as they’re about to die without getting interrupted. You will also need an Empty Soul Cage (made by jewelcrafters) for each elemental you channel. Then wait 15 minutes for the Encaged Soul to turn into a Docile Soul before opening the cage. The Docile Souls have a chance to contain the following four pets (see video).

  • Blaze Spirit – comes from elite fire elementals
    This is the soul of a forest fire. Though its armour keeps its flames under control, you sometimes notice it gazing longingly at dead trees and dry underbrush.
  • Dust Spirit – comes from elite earth elementals
    When it was captured and bound to a cage made of enchanted metal, this spirit managed to twist and reshape the metal into the suit of armour it now wears.
  • Gale Spirit – comes from elite wind elementals
    When it was the wind, this spirit carried scents to every corner of Azeroth. Sometimes you can still smell on it the barest hint of food, smoke, or the carnage of battle.
  • Tide Spirit – comes from elite water elementals
    I wish that I could bind the tides and bend them to my will. But in its depths, the sea abides and waits for no one still.


jeweled ruby whelpling Dragonflight Battle PetsUnlock the ability to find treasure maps for five Jeweled Whelplings at renown 21 with the Dragonscale Expedition. Speak to Boss Magor in the Dragonscale Basecamp for the first Onyx Gem Cluster Map. While the first map can be unlocked on the first character to reach renown 21 on an account, a JC will still need to farm each recipe.

The maps can be looted from the repeatable treasures (Expedition Scout Packs, Disturbed Dirt and Magic-Bound Chests) but the drop is low with a specific colour tied to each zone.

If you’re not a JC, you can place work orders by supplying the 5 reagents for each pet you want to make. The Jewelcrafter needs to have a skill level of 50 Dragon Isles Jewelcrafting and provide the Jeweled Dragon’s Heart so requires the following specializations: Enterprising (15), and Glassware (35) to learn that recipe.

  • Jeweled Onyx Whelpling requires the Onyx Gem Cluster Map
    The master jewelcrafters of the Dragon Isles have perfected their craft so much that their gemmed statues can be brought to life. This whelp forged of obsidian is now not to be trifled with.
  • Jeweled Amber Whelpling requires the Bear Termination Orders leading you to the Sapphire Gem Cluster in Thaldraszus containing the Glimmering Nozdorite Cluster and design for the Jeweled Amber Whelpling.
    The hardest part to shape was the whelpling’s cute little snout.
  • Jeweled Emerald Whelpling requires the Emerald Gardens Explorer’s Notes leading you to the Emerald Gem Cluster in the Ohn’ahran Plains containing the Glimmering Ysemerald Cluster and design for the Jeweled Emerald Whelpling.
    A magically infused emerald sits at the heart of this creature.
  • Jeweled Ruby Whelpling requires the Ruby Gem Cluster Map leading you to the Ruby Gem Cluster in The Waking Shores containing the Glimmering Alexstraszite Cluster and design for the Jeweled Ruby Whelpling.
    Trade Prince Gallywix wants you to know he already owns three of these.
  • Jeweled Sapphire Whelpling requires Precious Plans leading you to the Sapphire Gem Cluster in the Azure Span containing the
    Glimmering Malygite Cluster and design for the Jeweled Sapphire Whelpling.
    Sometimes out you can see blue light flickering deep inside the gems that make up this strange creature.


Lord BasiltonLord Basilton Dragonflight Battle Pets – Carry On, Basilton (Thaldraszus)
A brilliant executive assistant and apprentice, Lord Basilton also loves to stick his nose into piles of anything interesting.

Pick up the first quest Azeroth Pest Control from Gryrmpech <Head Gardener> in the Gardens of Unity.

Shiverweb Broodling – Kill the Queen (Azure Span)
Ironically, she has a warm personality.

The questline starts from Lilial Dawnburst in Shiverweb Vale (51, 61).

The following two pets come from the Born to be Wilder storyline in Valdrakken. It starts with Jyhanna <Junior Pet Trainer> in Thaldraszus who asks you to locate a recent rescue named Lubbins who’s gone missing. Mister Toots is rewarded at the end of Jyhanna’s questline, as well as, the Lovin’ Lubbins achievement to help Lubbins get his mojo back.

  • Lubbins – Oh Where, Oh Where Can He Be? (Thaldraszus)
    Who’s the cutest little monster? You are!
  • Mister Toots – So How Did It Go? (The Waking Shores)
    His name is Mister Toots because of the melodious sounds he can make with his trunk.

Spyragos – A Dragon’s Day Off (The Waking Shores)Spyragos Dragonflight Battle Pets
This little dragon is all fired up! It looks like he’s got some things to do.

Complete the campaign quest chain Wrathion’s Gambit, then speak to Vazallia at The Hissing Grotto (20, 39) who will offer the quest after you chat with her. Make sure you watch the whole video before you finish questing in The Waking Shores. If you completed Ingot’s questline some time ago, there’s a chance to get a Worldbreaker Membership when you hand a Restored Obsidian Key to Igys the Believer near the Obsidian Throne (32,52). The membership allows you to interact with the vendor for a short amount of time.

Living Mud Mask - dragonflight battle pets

Living Mud Mask – rewarded at the end of a short questline that ends with Special Treatment (Thaldraszus)
The greatest souvenir available in a dragon’s spa in the clouds. Not so good at facials anymore, though.

Pilot – But… I Am the Hero of Ducks (Ohn’ahran Plains)
Still learning how to fly.

Yipper – The Great Shokhari (The Azure Span)
Soon after you put down this slyvern’s decay-twisted mother, you learned the hard way both how it got its name and why Zon’Wogi asked you to care for it.

Reputation & Renown

Each major faction offers a couple of pets at various renown except Wrathion who only has one. Another pet is offered by a different vendor at the Throne. Check out the video for all pet locations and costs by clicking on the pet’s name you want to collect.

Maruuk Centaur

Quartermaster Huseng sells two pets inside the main building in Maruukai (60, 37), Ohn’ahran Plains.

The Quackcestor requires the buff from the Essence of Awakening (rewarded at renown 7)
This is not your grandfather’s duck! Or.. maybe it is?

Hoofhelper requires renown 8
Though it’s rare, thunder lizards have been known to bond with centaurs. And their close allies. Lucky you!

  • 20x Resilient Leather (Rank 2)
  • 5x Tallstrider Sinew
  • 150x Dragon Isles Supplies

Centaur Grand Hunt Events

The first three Centaur Hunts each week have a chance to award the Bakar or Ohuna battle pet.

Ohuna Companion
Its eyes can see the flick of a mouse tail from leagues away.

Bakar Companion
Faithful and ferocious, this bakar is a hero’s best friend.

Iskaara Tuskarr

Jiq (located in Iskaara, The Azure Span) rewards one of the following two pets at renown 9.

Backswimmer Timbertooth
When not lazily floating down a river, this Timbertooth is fond of snacks and snuggles.

  • Runed Witherbark (Rank 2)
  • 5x Tallstrider Sinew
  • 150x Dragon Isles Supplies

Baby ottuks spend their days swimming, chasing butterflies, and practising their intimidating roars.

  • 1x Large Sturdy Femur
  • 5x Tallstrider Sinew
  • 150x Dragon Isles Supplies

Dragonscale Expedition

Granpap Whiskers (Dragonscale Basecamp, The Waking Shores) rewards one of the following two pets at renown 11.

Gray Marmoni
Under the invitation and tutelage of Doc Nanners many Gray Marmoni have become common, but not always desired guests at the Dragonscale Expedition Basecamp.

  • 3x Iridescent Plumes
  • 5x Tallstrider Sinew
  • 150x Dragon Isles Supplies

Black Skitterbug
After pestering the Dragonscale Basecamp for weeks, Granpap Whiskers discovered a way to catch them and use them to get rid of other more annoying insects.

  • 3x Iridescent Plumes
  • 5x Tallstrider Sinew
  • 150x Dragon Isles Supplies


Obsidian Proto-Whelp – Lorena Belle (requires Ally status)
After finding a clutch of black proto-whelps, Wrathion took them under his wing.

To purchase the whelp, you need to reach Ally status with Wrathion on at least one character. This is equivalent to 4/6 levels of reputation.

  • 1x Large Sturdy Femur
  • 3x Primal Bear Spine
  • 150x Dragon Isles Supplies

Chip – Yries Lightfingers (located at the Obsidian Throne in The Waking Shores)
Born of living stone. Reforged by the hands of Wrathion’s agents. Sadly much too tiny to make a difference in the black dragons’ war against the djaradin.

  • 1x Rock of Aegis
  • 2x Pre-Sentient Rock Cluster
  • 3x Element-Infused Blood

Valdrakken Accord

Groundskeeper Kama (located in the Emerald Enclave (74, 63), Valdrakken) rewards you with one of two pets at renown 18.

Crimson Proto-Whelp
This proto-whelp’s distinctive colouration is highly prized by pet trainers.

  • 1x Large Sturdy Femur
  • 3x Primal Bear Spine
  • 150x Dragon Isles Supplies

Magic Nibbler
It’s tried to cut down, but magic is just so tasty.

  • 1x Large Sturdy Femur
  • 3x Primal Bear Spine
  • 150x Dragon Isles Supplies


Patchu (Iskaara, The Azure Span)

  • Pistachio – 50 Polished Pet Charms
    Pistachio got her name in exactly the way you would expect.
  • Petal – 100 Polished Pet Charms
    When the Bushbeard clan decided they were going to have a wedding, they chose Petal to be the flower girl. She was spectacular.
  • Troubled Tome – 200 Polished Pet Charms
    Do you dare to open this book of draconic secrets?
  • Jean’s Lucky Fish – 300 Polished Pet Charms
    Jean’s Lucky Fish was the pick of the yard when he went to go get a new pet. The swift and clean way he reached into the pond to grab hold of the fish and put it into a magic bubble became known as the Pick Yard maneuver.
  • Pinkie – 500 Polished Pet Charms
    With her distinctive colouration and impeccable work ethic, Pinkie has propelled herself to the top of the tallstrider fashion world.
  • Scout – 5000 Polished Pet CharmsScout
    Scout came to the Dragon Isles for adventure and excitement. After finding you, he got both.


Mallard Duckling – purchased from Pakak <Fishing Supplies> (Valdrakken)
What do you feed a cute little duckling? What? No, not cheese and quackers! Quackers aren’t healthy for ducks.

Requires Dragon Isles cooking

  • 1x Braised Bruffalon Brisket
  • 1x Riverside Picnic
  • 3x Fated Fortune Cookies

Primal Storms

Primal Storms are a new type of Primalist force invasion that takes place every 6 hours in certain areas within a zone. These weather events can occur in any zone in the Dragon Isles. Mobs can drop the following pets:

  • Echo of the Depths requires Elemental Storm (Water)
    What the deep claims, none can reclaim.
  • Echo of the Heights requires Elemental Storm (Air)
    In the mountain air, frost lingers upon the grass as a storm rolls in.
  • Echo of the Cave requires Elemental Storm (Earth)
    Formed by the reckless use of elemental magic, the slumbering earth awakens. It is angry.
  • Echo of the Inferno requires Elemental Storm (Fire)
    A spark can become an ember. An ember can become a raging fire. This creature was never a spark or an ember, it has only ever been a raging fire.

Pet collectors will also want to farm 2,000 Elemental Overflow from the empowered mobs to purchase two pets from Mythressa. She can be found in the north-western part of Valdrakken at the Sapphire Enclave (38, 37). This may be a long grind with regular mobs only dropping ~2 pieces of currency a pop so focus on elites for higher drops. Thankfully, these pets are cageable so expect to see them in the AH.

  • Stormie – 1000x Elemental Overflow
    As an egg, this proto-drake was struck by a freak bolt of lightning. Years later, the lightning still lives inside.time-lost vorquin pet
  • Ghostflame – 1000x Elemental Overflow
    A dream of the memory of fire.
  • Time-Lost Vorquin Foal – 150x Essence of the Storm and 1500x Elemental Overflow
    Purchased from Brendormi in The Primalist Future. Essence of the Storm is a new currency from the Storm’s Fury Event added in Patch 10.0.5. 

Wild Pets

All wild pets are listed under the relevant zones. Some need some form of interaction to find. Click on the name to watch the video guide.

The Waking Shores

The core temperature of an Emberling is hot enough to dissolve anything organic, so make sure to wear gloves if you want to pet it.

Magma Slug
Somehow this creature manages to be hot, rocky, and slimy all at the same time.

Shyfly – HOT TIP: save this one for the pet-themed questline requiring you to capture one.
These elusive creatures are famous for being hard to find unless you already know where to look. Fortunately, Haniko told you where to look.

Storm-Touched Stomper – spawns during an elemental storm
This is what your mother always warned you would happen if you ate grass that was struck by lightning.

Thunderfoot Calf – found inside the cave at the Crumbling Cliffs (45, 35). The entrance may be guarded by the Thunderous Matriarch who dropped the Cliffside Wylderdrake: Head Mane when killed.

When these creatures stampede, they sound like a thunderstorm. When these creatures stampede in a thunderstorm, they sound like a cataclysm.

Ohn’ahran Plains

Black Slyvern Pup – found a few at Sundapple Copse (62, 23) after a few forced spawns.
Above the vast green plains and rolling hills the slyvern fly, leaving only tiny shadows on the ground to mark their path through the sky.

Dusky Timbertooth – located at 71, 74. Requires the Riverbend Chompers to build a Beaver Dam.
Hunters value these critters more for their companionship than their pelts.

Storm-Touched Timbertooth – spawns during an elemental storm
A timbertooth with lighting inside? Shocking!

The Azure Span

Azure Crystalspine
These creatures are highly sought after by hunters looking to make weapons from the sharp crystals on its back.

Chalkshell Turtle requires some bait (see linked video)
Despite its name, its shell is actually much tougher than chalk.

Crimsonspine – there are 2 sleeping Crimsonspine critters in two burrows underneath a fallen tree at 60, 38 in the Upper Frostlands. You may need to kill a lot of critters to spawn a battle pet and it’s a little tricky starting a battle but you just need to jiggle your position a little.
The blood of a crimsonspine flows through the clear crystal structures that make up its body, which causes its unique colouration.
pale baby vorquin Dragonflight Battle Pets

Pale Baby Vorquin – requires a buff to see them (see linked video)
Behold! A pale vorquin.

Snowy Treeflitter – this one seems to be quite rare. Thankfully, they only spawn ~ 69, 26 in the northeastern part of the zone.
Nearly invisible, this creature leaps from tree to snow-covered tree.

Storm-Touched Ottuk – spawns during an elemental storm
A playful splash from this otter will give you quite a shock.


Whitewhisker requires an item to see them (see linked video)
These critters’ white coats help them hide in the snow when predators are around.


Blue Dasher
The bad news is that these bugs are carnivorous. The good news is that they usually just eat other bugs.

Polliswog – found a few around the water at 43, 83
These critters often leave their spawning groups as soon as they can move around on land.

Razortooth Bear Cub – needed to force a spawn by killing the Grizzlefur Cubs ~ 48, 56. There are about 6 in the area around the tent at Tyrhold Reservoir and was the last wild pet I needed for this expansion.
It’s not easy having red fur during the winter, but in the autumn it’s very fashionable.

Storm-Touched Bluefeather – spawns during an elemental storm
Peck. Peck. Zap!

Multiple Zones

Grassland Stomper – Ohn’ahran Plains, Thaldraszus
Each of this creature’s steps shakes the ground. When enough of them run together it sounds like a raging thunderstorm.

Kindlet – The Azure Span, The Waking Shores
A troublesome mage named McGwire decided to start a small fire. He summoned a flame which caused him to exclaim: ‘This is much more alive than required!’

Igneoid – Thaldraszus, The Azure Span, The Waking Shores
An Igneoid is formed when magma makes it to Azeroth’s surface and is infused with dark elemental magic. The resulting creature is tiny, fierce, and very cute.

Pricklefury Hare – Ohn’ahran Plains, Thaldraszus, The Azure Span, The Waking Shores
This is the most pettable pointy creature you will ever meet.

Swoglet – Ohn’ahran Plains, Thaldraszus, The Azure Span, The Waking Shores
The reverberating sound of an adult hornswog’s belch can be heard for leagues. Less far-reaching, but far more musical, is the dainty sound of a swoglet belching.

Grizzlefur Cub – Thaldraszus, The Azure Span
These small bears will not normally attack people, but they have been known to steal the occasional picnic basket.

Ironbeak Duck – Ohn’ahran Plains, The Waking Shores
Though many creatures of the Dragon Isles are mysterious, the ducks are perhaps the most so. Where did they come from? Where are they going? What are they planning? We may never know.

Palamanther – Ohn’ahran Plains, Thaldraszus, The Azure Span, The Waking Shores
This salamanther wants to be your best friend.

Plucky Duckling – shares a spawn with the Wild Duckling. Can be found ~59, 56 in Valdrakken
This is the terror that flaps o’er the dragon isles. This is the winged nightmare that pecks at your emerald dreams. What? No, it’s not Deathwing, it’s a duck!

Scruffy Ottuk – Ohn’ahran Plains, The Azure Span, The Waking Shores (Taupe brown is the rare colour which is a muted version of the brown)
Between battling, bathing, and playing, these ottuks have very busy schedules.

Snowlemental – The Azure Span, The Waking Shores
When you feel a chill run down your spine, don’t be afraid. It’s probably just your pet snowlemental.

Stoneshell – Ohn’ahran Plains, Thaldraszus
These creatures’ shells are not literally made of stone, but they’re strong enough that they might as well be.

Tiny Timbertooth – Ohn’ahran Plains, The Azure Span (beige is the rarer version)
As good as good and better. These little guys are quite frail but exceedingly brave. – Bob Bigheart

Treeflitter – Ohn’ahran Plains, Thaldraszus (black is the rarest colour)
Many have tried to boop the cute little noses of creatures like this. Most have lost fingers.

Trunkalumpf – Ohn’ahran Plains, The Azure Span
While their tiny tusks may not help much in a fight, the trunkalumpfs make up for it in sheer weight.

Vorquin Runt – Thaldraszus, The Azure Span, The Waking Shores
It will probably grow bigger. Probably.

Wild Duckling – Ohn’ahran Plains, Thaldraszus, The Waking Shores

Woodbiter Piculet – Ohn’ahran Plains, The Azure Span
These birds use their sharp beaks and dragon-like talons to forage for prey on tree trunks and branches. They communicate with each other by drumming on the trees with their beaks, which makes a sound that can be heard over great distances.