With four pets and mounts you can collect from the campaign missions, here are all the companions I used to defeat each Adventure Campaign mission as a member of the Kyrian covenant. Hopefully, they will work as well for you if they’re around the same level.

But first, addons!

These are the two must-have addons for Shadowlands.

  1. Venture Plan – at a glance you can see what the rewards are, how much anima each mission costs, follower XP rewarded, the length of the mission and even when it expires.
  2. CovenantMissionHelper – simulates the mission round by round, considering each unit’s abilities. I especially love the Optimize” button which changes the order of your troops to minimize loss of HP.

This is the order in which I completed them. If you fail one, they will cycle through until you complete each one.

Campaign: Ahnqat’s Darkness

Pernicious Bonetusk
Rewards the Pernicious Bonetusk

Kythekios (32) ~ Kleia (31) ~ Nemea (31)
Pelagos (32) ~ Telia (31)

Campaign: Save the Skyfoal

Spirited Skyfoal
Rewards the Spirited Skyfoal

Kleia (32) ~ Kyrian Phalanx (30) ~ Nemea (32)
Pelegos (32) ~ Kythekios (32)

Campaign: Rescue the Runelight Leaper

Runelight Leaper
Rewards the Runelight Leaper

Kythekios (33) ~ Kleia (33) ~ Telethakas (29)
Pelagos (32) ~ Telia (32)

Campaign: Charthox the Indomitable

Devouring Animite
Rewards the Devouring Animite

Kythekios (33) ~ Kleia (33) ~ Croman (25)
Pelagos (32) ~ Kyrian Halberdier (30)

The last four campaigns will appear once you’ve completed 16 Adventure Campaigns.

Campaign: The Final Puzzle

Rewards the Chittering Animite

Kythekios (34) ~ Kleia (32) ~ Pelagos (32)
Meatball (32) ~ Mikanikos (25)

Both addons predicted a win although CovenantMissionHelper predicted Meatball would be the only survivor when, in fact, Pelagos was the only casualty.

Originally, I tried sending off Mikanikos when he was only 24 in a different team. CovenantMissionHelper predicted a win but when I tested the outcome with the Cursed Adventurer’s Guide, Venture Plan said they would be defeated with 53% health remaining.

Campaign: Darkwarren Finality

Darkwarren Hardshell
Rewards the Darkwarren Hardshell

Pelagos (40) ~ Teliah (41) ~ Telethakas (38)
Sika (38) ~ Mikanikos (25)

Both addons predicted a win with no casualties.

Campaign: Corpselice Catastrophe

Warstitched Darkhound
Rewards the Warstitched Darkhound

Kleia (42) ~ Kythekios (40) ~ Pelegos (40)
Mikanikos (26) ~ Meatball (41)

Venture Plan predicted I would succeed with only Meatball left standing. CovenantMissionHelper predicted a failure with this team. Turns out Meatball was indeed the only survivor with 775 remaining health.

Campaign: War-Captain’s Woe

Highwind Darkmane
Rewards the Highwind Darkmane

Nemea (41) ~ Kleia (42) ~ Pelagos (40)
Telia (41) ~ Mikanikos (26)

Once again, CovenantMissionHelper predicted a failure with this team, but I only lost Kleia and Pelagos.

If you’re using both addons, only send them off if you get a positive prediction from Venture Plan. However, if the mission is about to expire and you don’t have a viable team due to low health or their level being too low, send them off anyway. Doomed runs still give your followers some XP.

The Skyfoal and Darkmane would have to be my favs.

Have you collected all these pets and mounts?