The Apexis Device

Harrison Jones appears as one of several daily npcs who can visit your garrison. He will offer six quests as part of the Master Relic Hunter achievement.

Amulet of Rukhmar: Appropriating Research


Fly to Akeeta’s Hovel on the border of Shadowmoon Valley and look for scrolls scattered around the Skettis ruins.

Amulet of Rukhmar: The First Key


Locate the first key at the top of the first overlook after entering the area.

Amulet of Rukhmar: The Second Key


Swim to the base of a waterfall which is located on the border of Shadowmoon Valley and the Spires of Arak.

Amulet of Rukhmar: The Final Key


Follow the river to the last waterfall and enter the cave in Lost Veil Anzu. Take the second left to locate the last key.

Amulet of Rukhmar: The Apexis Device


Rotate each statue until they’re all facing the centre and loot the device in the middle. This will teleport you up to the Forgotten Roost where you’ll need to kill Sol-Shaper Krivin for the amulet. Hearth back to the garrison.

Hand the quest into Rokhan for your 150G reward.

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