Over the years, I’ve tamed countless rares on my hunter, only to abandon them when something else came along. Back in vanilla, you had to think long and hard before you clicked that abandon option with only a couple of slots to play with.

Then again, it wasn’t just about taming a new pet. You had to spend time grinding out the levels which could feel like forever if it was something many levels below you.


Pets had loyalty and happiness levels, not to mention resistance and training points. They would only eat certain types of food so you had to keep them happy or you’d have a runaway on your hands.


Now imagine if we could regain some of our lost or abandoned companions. What if there was something like a garrison invasion that prompted us to go back to an old zone to look for our old friends? Maybe it would happen if we spent time in their old stomping grounds like Ironback in The Hinderlands or perhaps something more relevant in Draenor if we completed a certain activity. Then in the same way we get an invasion alert, the stable master could tell us of a certain pet sighting. I would imagine it would involve some sort of quest chain like Gara.


Although some might say you could just go back and retame an old pet but that wouldn’t be the same as the pet you spent hours or even days camping and levelling. I’d love to go back and reclaim Broken Tooth or Rak’shiri. How about you?