Okay, sure there are cool mounts and transmog dropping from Island Expeditions but if you’re like me and in it mostly for the pets, you may just want a quick reference list too. As you’d expect, most drop from similar-looking mobs or share a common theme so a pirate monkey will drop from pirates, etc. Then again, you don’t want to completely ignore the normal looking mobs going by the list below. Thankfully, friends gifting you pets and AH purchases will still count towards theĀ achievementĀ but if you’re aĀ completionist like me, you’ll need to farm the non-cageable ones yourself.

Island Expeditions - Pet Edition


Barnaby – Pirates
Bloodstone Tunneler – Worm
Craghoof Kid – Goat (common)
Deathsting Scorpid – Scorpion
False Knucklebump – Gorilla
Inky – Naga
Juvenile Brineshell – Makrura/Crab
Kindleweb Spiderling – KindlewebĀ Spider
Littlehoof – Deer (common)
Muskflank Calfling – Yak (common)
Octopode Fry – Naga/Murloc
Sandshell ChittererĀ – Scarab
Scuttle – Crab, Sea Giants
Snapper – Turtle
Snort – Yak (common)
Sparkleshell Sandcrawler – Crab
Sunscale Hatchling – Wind Serpent (common)
Thistlebrush Bud – Sprite (common)
Tinder Pup – Fire Dog (common)
Voruā€™kar Leecher – Nerubian


Captain Nibs – Pirates
Coldlight Surfrunner – Murloc
Giggling Flame – Fire Elemental
Kunchong Hatchling – Mantid
Laughing Stonekin – Earth Elemental
Mischievous Zephyr – Air Elemental
Playful FrostkinĀ – Water Elemental

Rare Drop

Poro – ?

Poro Island Expeditions - Pet Edition

I’m not sure whether Poro drops from something specific or is just a really rare drop but since it’s based on the critically endangered Kākāpō – a nocturnal, flightless parrot in New Zealand, I actually hope it is. Big thanks to Coolidge for mine though. :D

I haven’t done a huge number of IE, just the minimum number to fill my Azerite bar each week. There have been a couple of pet drops though, a cool looking sword and two Pirate hats so far – not to mention theĀ usual rep items and dubloons. How about you?